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Tatt idea.

Tatt idea.

Sick Ships


About a year ago, German artist Dirk Löchel created one of the most complete — and supremely nerdy — infographics I’d ever seen. It deservedly went viral. At the time, I analyzed his amazing graphic to catalog the sizes and shapes of 529 star ships ranging from Star Trek to Mass Effect.

Checking back in with Löchel a year later, his graphic is just about complete — it now contains more geeky information than ever before. I present to you the nerdiest chart of sci-fi ships ever:

Sci-Fi Ships Updated PICClick to enlarge! Yes, that’s a spammy thing to ask you to do. Check out a higher-res version of the chart here.

When I first went through Löchel’s chart, I plotted the date the video game, TV show, or movie was released against the length of each ship and tried to find a pattern. The graph looked odd, kind of like a bell curve. I speculated that after we landed on the Moon in 1969, there was a short lag period before our visions of space exploded. We had landed on the Moon, and now anything was possible! Sci-fi ships got larger and more sophisticated. But as the ’90s and the ’00s came, our ships seemed to get smaller, reflecting our increasing knowledge of what feasible space travel would really look like. But of course, were are just my guesses.

Now, with even more large ships in the chart, I imagine that the trend is more pronounced. Sci-fi giants like the Independence Day ships do through things off a bit, but it seems to me like there really is a trend of making sci-fi ships a bit more realistic than planet-destroyers miles long.

What do you think? It’s hard for me to focus while imagining a Zerg behemoth space-battling a star destroyer.

IMAGE: Powered by deviantART//Dirk Löchel

Source: www.nerdist.com